This pair were a riot. They were just gorgeous, very stressed (they had DIY’d their entire day!), but were so excited and in love.

I had only two hours to create magic, but with them, it was pretty easy. Nicole and Dianne chose to go a vintage theme and everyone looked fabulous. Nicole’s dress was a perfect style for her and Dianne looked awesome in her suit (she was making the vest that morning!!!).

Despite the Brisbane Registry Office’s refusal to open the blinds on their gorgeous big windows and the celebrant’s inability to understand personal space (and need to step a way a little bit to get clear shots) we managed to capture this gorgeous ceremony. Nicole and Dianne wanted to have the ceremony in vintage style processing and the result was fabulous with their theme.

We then moved on to the botanic gardens, stopping everywhere we could to get some more shots using the amazing buildings and surrounds on the way. I enjoyed this wedding so much – even if fleeting – and cannot wait for Australia to wake up and make same sex marriage legal!